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The Avengers cosplay costumes Reviews

  1. Captain America Cosplay Costume

In the impression of most fans, just like the movie Avengers: Infinity War , Captain America is not a natural hero, nor the body of immortality. This is why he needs a shield to protect himself. He is only stronger, brave and witty than ordinary people. Laterly this character gradually become a symbol of the American spirit, and at the same time, it became an increasingly heavy responsibility.

It fit properly that I expected I ordered the size but it’s made very good, good material and good design. Put on this fashionable cosplay and you will be praised by family, friends and colleagues. It’s suitable for special occasions: Christmas, Halloween, Carnival, theme parties. It’s alsoa perfect unique, elegant, costume, birthday gift.

The suit is AMAZING. Overall, I like the jacket and the pants but the gloves are a little cheap looking. I would suggest buying a set , and the package include: Top, Vest, Coat, Pants, Gloves, Shoulder Strap, Belt and Boots Cover  these are worth the money, just secure the buckle before wearing it. The build on those items is of good quality. I did get great compliments on the suit.

The outfit does have a comfortable vest so you dont have to wear anything special underneath. I felt that the pants came up suit on me, and the top comes down enough that it doesn’t matter. So, if thats a concern for you, try sending in specific measurements, but again, it was just something I noticed, and as a result of this, it makes the pants look so cool and fit. I still think it’ll be ok.Overall, I’m satisfied with what I got. I paid the money and I feel like I got the money worth the work put into it. Take that however you want.

2.Hawkeye Cosplay Costumes

Hawkeye is a superb archer and an important member of the Avengers team. He doesn’t have any super powers, but his super responsiveness and hand-eye coordination make him become one of the strongest archers on the planet. He is the messenger of justice and the hero of our worship.

As the picture shows, the quality of this garment is very good looking and the details are handled very well, especially for the tops, including Waistband, Leg Bands, Arm Guards, Gloves. And the pants are as comfortable as leather pants, perfect for a lot of occasions, such as Halloween, Christmas, various parties, etc.

So firstly, it came early, which was very nice. The whole costume is very nicely made, which is another great thing. In the movie Avengers: Age of Ultron, I really like the role of the Hawkeye. I am very fortunate that I can meet this clothing store, and I am very grateful to provide such a platform for me to purchase such a well-made cosplay costume, which is soft and comfortable and is excellent.

3.Scarlet Witch Cosplay Costumes

In movie Avengers: Age of Ultron , She is beautiful and mysterious, with the ability to manipulate people’s hearts. After becoming a scarlet witch, she can control the enemy’s heart and destroy the enemy from the inside out. Among the heroes of Marvel, there are many people who are miserable, and Scarlet witch is one of them. The tragedy has began when she was born, and she has never been a good day.

Absolutely love the costume! it’s not exactly accurate color wise, mine is lighter. the boot covers were a total loss honestly, they do not go over my shoe at all which really sucks but isnt that big of a deal. After wearing this for one shoot the stitches onto the costume have started to unravel so I had to start re-sewing it all over each individual stitch lines. this costume also has a foul odor to the leather and inside of the jacket, which I am trying to figure out how to remove without damaging the costume. The seller themself is absolutely kind and cares greatly about your costume coming on time!

I want to start this review with saying that the costume is amazing! After I purchased the costume I got an email from the seller if I had the right measurements and if they had the right adress. Really professional on their part and it arrived much sooner than I thought. The costume it self feels great everything fits right and the fabric does not feel cheap at all. I would certainly buy from this seller again. Thank you!

This costume is outstanding. It arrived very quickly and fitted my me perfectly. I am very pleased with the quality – it looks and feels great. Thank you!

How to be a good eagle-eyed rogue role-player?

There is no doubt that Marvel Film has constructed a new world of Marvel for Marvel fans. In this world, passion, blood and fantasy collide with each other, sparking a completely different spark.Although the audience’s preference for Marvel’s role is different due to differences in personality, taste, and hobbies, it is undeniable that they do bring some refreshing freshness and fun.

Since the Four Seasons of the Avengers, the trend of it has never stopped. Whether it is in the United States or in the Asian region, every time it is released, it can make a big splash.

“Reunification 4” was released on April 23 this year. This time there will be many superheroes returning, including the eagle eye Clint Barton. As one of the first-generation avengers, the eagle eye was the last time it was absent from the “Reunification 3”, which caused many fans to complain. After a lapse of three years, eagle-eyed finally returned to “Reunion 4”, which also made fans excited. Of course, the return of the eagle-eyed this time, it is not easy to see the cosplay costume.

If you are a professional cosplayer, then you should know how to better display the character characteristics, but if you are the first time, we will give you new opinions on this new character shape of eagle-eyed . Better to complete a cosplay show.You should learn to how to complete eagle-eyed cosplay


The top is divided into a hooded jacket and two parts inside and outside the clothes.In fact, because the jacket is tightly wrapped, you can also take a set inside, which will not affect the overall effect.The jacket is mainly black and gold, with the mysterious and temperament of the Japanese ronin, and the hooded design obscures the facial features,it looks cool and low profile.


You can look for some cardboard, cut it into a similar trapezoid, use a marker to paint the black and gold parts, fold it in half, and stick it in place to replace the shoulder armor.

Pants and knee pads

The trousers and knee pads are the same color as the tops. The comfort of the trousers is very important. He decides whether you are comfortable or not.

Bracers and gloves

Gloves and wristbands protect themselves from injury and make it easy to find alternatives


Flat-bottomed boots are easy to wear and easy to move, and you should pay attention to finding quality boots when purchasing.


Almost every Japanese warrior has a mask of his own. In order to prevent others from recognizing their identity, the eagle eye that turns into a rogue is no exception.The mask is a good helper to add a cool atmosphere.


How can you not have your own weapon as a rogue? The eagle eye’s weapon is a long knife and a dagger. It is usually carried behind and taken out during combat.Imagine having a sword on your body that must be super cool.Similar swords you can see from Japanese assassins, samurai, etc.Check out our website:

Although these combinations make it look like a Japanese, it’s cool, isn’t it?You just need to take your cool gear with you and enjoy all the pleasure they bring to you, maybe you can get deeper character insights from it.