Do you usually go to comic-con? Whether you are or not, you should go to a comic-con to experience a different atmosphere, and trust me, you will soon fall in love with cosplay.
This character is from Ant-Man and the Wasp.The film tells the story of the ant who ushered in his dual role as a superhero and father. He worked hard to live his life while carrying the ant’s duties. But the second-generation wasp women, Hop van Dyen and Dr. Hank Pim, again conveyed to him an urgent new task. Scott must wear his shirt again and fight alongside the Hornets.
And Hop van Dyen is the Wasp.
She is a second-generation wasp female, and the wasp has the same amazing contraction ability as the ant. Her fighting posture is more flexible and delicate than the ant, and she walks freely on the blade. Let the ants be very embarrassed, because the wasp not only has the wings that the ants do not have, but also many high-tech deadly weapons.
Now let’s take a look at the Wasp cosplay costume.
This is a piece of fine workmanship and material.The whole piece of clothing is based on blue and purple, and the upper part fully reflects the characteristics of women, and looks like a bee .Behind it, there is a separate white decoration. I think you will love it after you watching this decoration. The trousers have a distinct line and a knee-padded design at the knee.
The wasp’s shoes are wedge heels and are also short boots. This is a very common shoe that you can easily find it in anywhere, as long as you master its color, you can find it in many places and match it with cosplay costume.
The wasp female has a pair of gloves, a pair of wristbands and a pair of leggings. Although you can find it similar to this pair of gloves anywhere, I still recommend buying it with your clothes. There is a whole set on this Ant-Man Cosplay Store. The set of white wristbands is awesome with the clothes. Similarly, there are a pair of leggings, made of blue-purple leather, which is a standard in cosplay costumes.
This sequel is welcoming and fun, and the visual style is full of creativity. The most important thing is that the film is passionately proof that heroism is not a burden, but an understanding of self-quality.See here you can not help but be eager to try it, come to our website to buy it.


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