Study the Reasons of the Rolex Inaccurate Time

As we know, Rolex mechanical watch’s precision of the waking time can’t compared with that of the quartz watch, as its accuracy is affected by many factors as well. The time error of the general mechanical watch is within the permission of 30 seconds, and the specific error can be made according to the movement that the Rolex mechanical watch use. But why mechanical watch will produce the time error? How can we adjust the time? Just study the reasons of the Rolex Inaccurate time here!
1) The influence of impact vibration. The severe impact vibration also has an impact on balance wheel vibration cycle, especially those mechanical watches with low swing state or low frequency, as for the severe impact vibration that has already damaged pendulum shaft tenon or balance spring, it will inevitably bring walking time fault to the mechanical watches.
2) The influence of swing. The tightness of spring will directly affect the size of the escapements amplitude, therefore also affect the isochronism performance of the mechanical watches. The so called “isochronism “refers to a kind of phenomenon that the size of the swing of the volatile objects do not affect the vibration period, but the balance and hair spring system in the mechanical watches are not free-oscillations.
3) The influence of temperature. Temperature changes will make the geometry size of the balance wheel and hair spring also change, and every small changes of these key components will directly affect the oscillation cycle, and the temperature will cause changes on the viscosity of the watch oil, thus making the Torque transmission of the mechanical watches gear train and the swinging change.
4) The influence of position changes. The position change firstly causes the friction surface change of the Pendulum shaft tenon, and increases of friction surface, then the balance wheel unbalance degree under the action of gravity is more obvious and prominent, with additional torque effect on balance wheel and the gravity balance spring, which makes the balance and hair spring system in every position oscillation cycle have different influence.

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