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HOWL’S MOVING CASTLE,this story is set in a fictional kingdom where both magic and early 20th-century technology are prevalent, against the backdrop of a war with another kingdom.

The film tells the story of a young, content milliner named Sophie after she is turned into an old woman by a witch who enters her shop and curses her. She encounters a wizard named Howl, and gets caught up in his resistance to fighting for the king.

Miyazaki said the film was his favorite creation, explaining “I wanted to convey the message that life is worth living, and I don’t think that’s changed.”

Do you like the characters in the movie? Do you like their clothes?Let’s have a look.


The owner of the moving castle, legendary, is a wizard who will eat the girl’s heart, often using different names. Hal has a strong power, but ignores the call of the palace, and spent some time in the royal family.


Sophie is a young woman living in the small town of Market Chipping in the kingdom of Ingary, and she is the eldest of three sisters. In the land of Ingary, this, of course, means that Sophie is destined to never find her fortune and live a dull life at home. She works in her late father’s hat shop as her stepmother, Fanny Hatter’s, apprentice. 

Sophie’s appearance in the movie depicts her as a young, innocent-looking girl with brown eyes and long brown hair worn in a plait that is tied with pink ribbons. She is typically seen wearing a sun hat with a red ribbon and a pink brochette, and a pastel green dress with a white collar and three buttons on the chest, all of which contribute to her plain appearance.

After Sophie is cursed, she retains her same hat and continues wearing her hair in the same fashion. Although her dress remains the same style, it is now pastel blue in color. However, she gains a significant amount of weight, and obtains both a wrinkled appearance and silver hair from age.

When the curse is lifted, Sophie retains the silver hair that she acquired from the curse and it is now styled in a short bob after being cut off during previous events. She returns back to her former, younger self.


Hal’s little apprentice, who is helpless, often lives alone in the castle. He is responsible for contacting the kings or towns to visit the castle in the castle. He likes to dress up in various shapes.He is wearing a green dress and someone who has seen the movie will know.

Witch of the Waste:

She used to be a magician, but because of the trade with the devil, the body and mind were eaten and became a witch who went astray, but she did not feel that she was doing bad things. She was rushed to the wasteland fifty years ago. Inhar’s escaping and angering Sophie made Sophie the culprit of the old man.

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