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Overwatch cosplay costumes Reviews

1. Overwatch Jesse McCree Cosplay Costume

Jesse McCree is a hero who is good at assulting with a revolver called a peacekeeper in the game Overwatch, he can solve his goals with his own shots, and he can use tactical tumbling to quickly fill the ammunition while avoiding damage. He is resourceful and only fights for justice in his own eyes. “Justice can’t stretch yourself”, Because of this words, he is popular with so many people.


The details of Jesse Mccree’s cosplay costume are handled very well. The first is the hat, just like the one depicted in the game. Mccree’s hat is unique and symbolizes him. The ornament on the hat is the shell, which is the symbol of his victory, which proves his superb shot. If you are his follower, you may know how he got the revolver of the peacekeeper. It is this hat that completes Mccree and you should try to wear it.

Vest and Shirt:

The degree of reduction of Vest and Shirt is very high. The front vest is like his armor, protecting him from injury. Although it is only made of artificial leather, it will not look good without it. There is a T-shirt inside the vest, mainly brown, the length of the sleeve can be adjusted freely, and this brown T-shirt is rare in life and can be recycled.

Costume Pants:

The pants are composed of two parts. The front is mainly blocked by artificial leather, the knees are naturally draped, and the pants are the same color as the T-shirt. The back is a set of cosplay costumes. The straps at the detail are free to adjust the tightness and highlight the figure.

Hand Guard and Gloves:

Like other parts of the garment, Mccree has hand guard and gloves on hand. These things provide a better grip when our hero uses his peacekeeper revolver. Therefore, hand guard and gloves are an essential part of Jesse McCree’s cosplay clothing.


It can be used as a shawl or as a scarf. For our hero Jesse McCree, this is an important decoration that reflects his wild and bohemian. And the quality of the cloak is very good, the color is bright, always makes you stand out among the crowd.

Gun Holster and Belts:

The gun holster is also very important for Overwatch Jesse McCree, otherwise his revolver will have no place to put it. So the details of the costumes should be handled very well for those professional cosplayers. The belts are free to adjust the length, regardless of your size, you can fully handle this set of Overwatch Jesse McCree’s Cosplay Costume.

All of Jesse McCree’s things are indispensable for making him a character. If you want to role-play him at Christmas, Halloween or other party activities, be prepared in advance and have fun.