How to Style a Long Blonde Wig

How to Style a Long Blonde Wig

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Having a wig can be a big deal if you want to look your best rogue wig But it’s not easy to choose the perfect one. You have to know what style to choose, what colors will look best on you, and what the wig is made of.


Whether you’re looking for a natural bob, a lighter, sun-bleached shade or a loose wave, Jon Renau’s California Blonde colour collection is sure to have the look you’re after. These gorgeous, lustrous blonde hues range from pretty sun-bleached cool hues to warm golden tones with subtle dimension-defining highlights. In addition, each wig is created from luxurious Smartlace Human Hair, meaning your wig is comfortable, easy to style and maintain.

Jon Renau’s California Blonde collection features four colours: Laguna, Malibu, Venice and Palm Springs white short wig Each wig is styled with softly rooted gradients, defining highlights, and loose waves, and is available in human hair. The Laguna wig is available in colour code FS17/101S18 and is a pale Gold Blonde blend with medium brown shading. The Palm Springs Blonde wig is light ash Blonde shaded with dark Natural Ash Blonde, and is available in colour code FS17/101S18.


Getting a wig with heat resistant properties can be a great choice if you are looking for something that is easy to style and looks good. The best part about these types of wigs is that they are soft and silky, and you can use curlers and a blow dryer to make them look their best. You can also wash them with baby shampoo, which makes them easy to maintain.

Whether you are looking for a full wig or a shorter style, you can find a wig that will fit your needs. Some of these wigs are also designed with double line wefts, which offer extra coverage. You can also find wigs that are designed to be pulled back into ponytails. This will make it easy for you to get the hairstyle you want in no time.

Jon Renau’s 10H16 vs 10RH16

Whether you’re buying a Jon Renau’s 10H16 vs 10RH16 wig for yourself or for a friend, the color chart below should help you find the color that’s right for you. The colors displayed in this chart may vary depending on the resolution of your monitor. These colors are also available in Jon Renau’s HD (heat Defiant) Fiber. This may be the best color option for you if you’re looking for a lightweight wig.

The color chart is only a guide. Check out Jon Renau’s website for more color options. There are also color charts available for their Sarah and Rachel wigs. These wigs have multi-directional styling and soft, wavy layers. The Sarah wig is a Jon Renau signature style and is available in a variety of colors.

How to display a wig

Whether you’re trying to show off your long blonde wig at an online convention or a real life event, wig styling takes practice. You don’t want to look like an ugly duckling when you’re first trying out a new style. Instead, use a few tips to help you look your best.

If you’re going to be wearing a wig on a regular basis, consider getting one that is made of heat resistant fibers. These fibers will hold their shape better than non-heat resistant styles. The fibers should also be tested on the back of the wig to ensure they’re safe to use with heated styling tools.

If you want to keep your wig from looking too chunky, consider using point cuts to keep it in shape. These cuts will also keep the hair from looking too blunt.